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George Rickey (1907-2002) I2175

An internationally famous artist known for his outdoor kinetic sculptures.

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Our very extended Rickey Family consists of several different Rickey Clans that are primarily of Scots-Irish or French Canadian origin. They emigrated to the United States in early colonial times, participated in the Revolutionary War, Civil War and later conflicts; also some settled in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They were part of the American pioneer westward expansion and now can be found throughout all 50 states. We collect available data on all persons with the Rickey surname (and associated spousal surnames).

This database has grown to over 29,019 names with richly documented sources with NO LOGIN and NO USER ACCOUNT NECESSARY. Please note, though, that our database is often secondary research . Therefore, please use this tool as a starting point only and do your own original research. Please note also that to protect the privacy of the living, details about them are not shown. Nobody knows your line better than you. If you spot discrepancies please notify us of any corrections, additions or deletions (just click on anyone's Suggest tab). We hope that you will consider helping us make this the most complete and accurate source of Rickey information by sharing with us your facts, artifacts, and anecdotes.

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Colonel Joe Rickey (1842-1903) I90

Our flamboyant cousin's legacy invention is the delightful libation, The Gin Rickey