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Brown Co, Ohio, USA


County/Shire : Latitude: 38.9092089, Longitude: -83.847301


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Michael P.  12 Mar 1841Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1348
2 Black, Brice  25 Sep 1865Brown Co, Ohio, USA I6801
3 Black, Samuel Rickey  21 Oct 1856Brown Co, Ohio, USA I6636
4 Bloom, Ernest Grover  3 Mar 1893Brown Co, Ohio, USA I19603
5 Bloom, William  30 Dec 1863Brown Co, Ohio, USA I6664
6 Edgington, Isa Olive  12 Oct 1885Brown Co, Ohio, USA I6866
7 Ellis, Hattie Mae   I6180
8 Fisher, Lavonia K.  15 Aug 1815Brown Co, Ohio, USA I17172
9 Gelter, Minnie Clarice   I1727
10 Hughes, Isabelle Porter  20 Sep 1874Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1341
11 Little, Marie   I23433
12 Morris, Brice "Foxy"  Aug 1882Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1751
13 Morris, Clara  7 May 1868Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1755
14 Morris, David T.  Mar 1875Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1748
15 Morris, Elijah 1st HUSBAND  15 Oct 1835Brown Co, Ohio, USA I299
16 Morris, Ella Lou  Feb 1879Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1749
17 Morris, Francis "Frank" Marion  16 Oct 1837Brown Co, Ohio, USA I304
18 Morris, George  Sep 1880Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1750
19 Morris, Isaac  Sep 1887Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1752
20 Morris, Lida May  13 May 1873Brown Co, Ohio, USA I543
21 Morris, Nancy Frances  7 Sep 1862Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1754
22 Morris, Robert  Feb 1874Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1747
23 Morris, William  Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1753
24 Parker, Nancy Jane  23 Nov 1831Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1329
25 Rickey, Bessie  May 1891Brown Co, Ohio, USA I5561
26 Rickey, Carolyn Elaine   I8257
27 Rickey, David Bruce   I8258
28 Rickey, Diana Sue   I8256
29 Rickey, Edward Henry   I6646
30 Rickey, Eleanor Louise  4 Apr 1919Brown Co, Ohio, USA I2113
31 Rickey, Floyd Delnae  27 Jun 1919Brown Co, Ohio, USA I6785
32 Rickey, Forest Leon  21 Aug 1926Brown Co, Ohio, USA I8486
33 Rickey, Hester  1848Brown Co, Ohio, USA I296
34 Rickey, Howard  13 Dec 1870Brown Co, Ohio, USA I415
35 Rickey, James Henry  2 Feb 1897Brown Co, Ohio, USA I6641
36 Rickey, John 1st HUSBAND  Brown Co, Ohio, USA I16881
37 Rickey, Lou Anna  24 Nov 1872Brown Co, Ohio, USA I843
38 Rickey, Lucinda  7 May 1839Brown Co, Ohio, USA I291
39 Rickey, Mary Jane  24 Aug 1841Brown Co, Ohio, USA I293
40 Rickey, Mildred Louise "Millie"   I3189
41 Rickey, Orval Raymond  8 Mar 1882Brown Co, Ohio, USA I3920
42 Rickey, Paul James   I8259
43 Rickey, Ulysses Grant "Grant"  7 Aug 1869Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1761
44 Rickey, William  5 May 1832Brown Co, Ohio, USA I295
45 Sams, Etta Lee  5 Aug 1889Brown Co, Ohio, USA I23419


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bloom, Hester Ann  9 Jun 1859Brown Co, Ohio, USA I307
2 Campbell, Eleanor  15 May 1859Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1276
3 Campbell, Matthew  25 Dec 1859Brown Co, Ohio, USA I22039
4 Jamison, Katie Belle 1st WIFE  15 Jul 1966Brown Co, Ohio, USA I6642
5 Kendall, Oridus Nelson  10 Jan 1892Brown Co, Ohio, USA I4402
6 Myers, Etta M.  Dec 1973Brown Co, Ohio, USA I6794
7 Parker, John William  15 Oct 1846Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1351
8 Patton, Sarah  3 Jan 1882Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1352
9 Reid, Walker 1st HUSBAND  18 Aug 1855Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1344
10 Rickey, Dillard Ralph  13 Sep 1926Brown Co, Ohio, USA I6788
11 Rickey, Elmer Marion Col  1970Brown Co, Ohio, USA I546
12 Rickey, Forest Leon  21 Aug 1926Brown Co, Ohio, USA I8486
13 Rickey, Hester Ann  6 May 1892Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1277
14 Rickey, James Henry  4 Oct 1979Brown Co, Ohio, USA I6641
15 Rickey, Jane 1st WIFE  17 Dec 1881Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1280
16 Rickey, John  6 Apr 1832Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1475
17 Rickey, John Wesley  20 Dec 1890Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1334
18 Rickey, Mary Jane  15 Feb 1908Brown Co, Ohio, USA I293
19 Rickey, Samuel  9 Oct 1847Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1286
20 Rickey, Samuel  9 May 1884Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1275
21 Rickey, Sanford  14 Apr 1870Brown Co, Ohio, USA I314
22 Rickey, Smiley Wilbur "Babe"  27 May 1967Brown Co, Ohio, USA I3918
23 Rickey, Sylvanus Campbell AKA Vene  14 Sep 1946Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1332
24 Rickey, Thomas  1849Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1288
25 Rickey, Thomas  4 Dec 1849Brown Co, Ohio, USA I306
26 Rickey, William  8 Aug 1925Brown Co, Ohio, USA I1282
27 Rickey, William Monroe  14 Aug 1949Brown Co, Ohio, USA I557


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Snyder, Charles Earl  Brown Co, Ohio, USA I6651


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bennington / Morris  28 Oct 1880Brown Co, Ohio, USA F973
2 Black / Rickey  29 Dec 1859Brown Co, Ohio, USA F754
3 Burns / Rickey  6 Nov 1873Brown Co, Ohio, USA F176
4 Greathouse / Rickey  20 Dec 1838Brown Co, Ohio, USA F760
5 Green / Rickey  27 Mar 1838Brown Co, Ohio, USA F3390
6 Kendall / Clemmer  17 Mar 1853Brown Co, Ohio, USA F2226
7 Kendall / Rickey  26 Sep 1833Brown Co, Ohio, USA F3391
8 Kendall / Walker  4 Sep 1877Brown Co, Ohio, USA F2999
9 Meharry / Patton  4 Dec 1827Brown Co, Ohio, USA F4551
10 Parker / Patton  9 Aug 1823Brown Co, Ohio, USA F773
11 Potts / Rickey  4 Apr 1850Brown Co, Ohio, USA F3392
12 Reid / Rickey  18 Feb 1847Brown Co, Ohio, USA F752
13 Rickey / Burbage  Brown Co, Ohio, USA F1691
14 Rickey / Campbell  12 Apr 1827Brown Co, Ohio, USA F750
15 Rickey / Greathouse  31 Jan 1832Brown Co, Ohio, USA F172
16 Rickey / Hanselman  4 Sep 1948Brown Co, Ohio, USA F353
17 Rickey / Hughes  8 Oct 1895Brown Co, Ohio, USA F776
18 Rickey / Robinson  26 Aug 1830Brown Co, Ohio, USA F6307
19 Sams / Morris  25 Mar 1881Brown Co, Ohio, USA F977
20 Wardlow / Rickey   F844