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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary S.  Abt 1851New Jersey, USA I18856
2 Apgar, Augustus N.  Abt 1884New Jersey, USA I18853
3 Apgar, Russell   I18855
4 Bellon, Mae G "May"  Abt 1885New Jersey, USA I7015
5 Breese, Lucinda "Liz"  20 May 1803New Jersey, USA I2020
6 Bucco, Thomas   I22417
7 Colville, Bertha M.  Apr 1868New Jersey, USA I1518
8 Crossman, Keziah  Abt 1806New Jersey, USA I1988
9 Dille, Usual  Abt 1789New Jersey, USA I2464
10 Drake, Elizabeth  13 Mar 1781New Jersey, USA I10550
11 Drew, Barnet Jr.  17 Oct 1859New Jersey, USA I9297
12 Durham, John Sr  Abt 1730New Jersey, USA I8017
13 Durham, John Jr  1762New Jersey, USA I19851
14 Edsall, Elisabeth or Eliza 1st WIFE  24 Mar 1807New Jersey, USA I8024
15 Ewing, Ruth  5 Jan 1790New Jersey, USA I8889
16 Franklin, Benjamin H.  Apr 1846New Jersey, USA I20573
17 French, Hannah  5 Dec 1779New Jersey, USA I8902
18 French, John Taylor  27 Jan 1783New Jersey, USA I8903
19 French, Lydia  25 Aug 1778New Jersey, USA I8901
20 French, Mahlon Kirkbride  12 Jun 1788New Jersey, USA I8905
21 French, Rachel Rickey  22 Feb 1794New Jersey, USA I8906
22 French, William Junior  10 May 1751New Jersey, USA I674
23 French, William Rickey  23 Nov 1785New Jersey, USA I8904
24 Gaskill, Sarah  Jun 1847New Jersey, USA I708
25 Gruesser, Florence M. "Anna"  1879New Jersey, USA I1497
26 Hall, Sarah  14 Dec 1809New Jersey, USA I2410
27 Ivins, Mahlon Kirkbride  22 Feb 1793New Jersey, USA I16312
28 Johnson, Annie  Apr 1862New Jersey, USA I26734
29 Johnson, Annie L.  Apr 1862New Jersey, USA I18866
30 Knight, Clara E.  1886New Jersey, USA I8089
31 Large, Phebe H.  Abt 1830New Jersey, USA I10413
32 Lowe, Abraham  1768New Jersey, USA I24559
33 Lowe, Allie  Bef 16 Sep 1775New Jersey, USA I24558
34 Lowe, Cornelius W.  21 Aug 1773New Jersey, USA I24560
35 Lowe, Cornelius William  Abt 1735New Jersey, USA I7266
36 Lowe, William  1 Sep 1764New Jersey, USA I24760
37 Opie, Helen  Abt 1889New Jersey, USA I8088
38 Plume, Fanelia Maria  Abt Jul 1860New Jersey, USA I11301
39 Price, Abraham  8 Apr 1800New Jersey, USA I2600
40 Prickett, Erna   I18849
41 Rickey, Albert B.  Abt 1897New Jersey, USA I18850
42 Rickey, Alexander  17 Sep 1825New Jersey, USA I14201
43 Rickey, Alice B.  Dec 1884New Jersey, USA I18877
44 Rickey, Alice Lewis  May 1873New Jersey, USA I8078
45 Rickey, Andrew   I18862
46 Rickey, Bertha  Abt 1886New Jersey, USA I18854
47 Rickey, Brice P.  5 Jun 1809New Jersey, USA I289
48 Rickey, Catharine  Abt 1831New Jersey, USA I5131
49 Rickey, Catharine A. "Kittie"  Oct 1843New Jersey, USA I9207
50 Rickey, Catherine  1800New Jersey, USA I10115

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bodine, Jacob  New Jersey, USA I14654
2 Dalrymple, unknown female  New Jersey, USA I14647
3 Ewing, Ruth  15 Mar 1830New Jersey, USA I8889
4 French, Hannah  22 May 1782New Jersey, USA I8902
5 French, Lydia  18 Aug 1781New Jersey, USA I8901
6 French, William Junior  27 Oct 1808New Jersey, USA I674
7 Hough, Jesse  29 Sep 1794New Jersey, USA I15141
8 Rickey, Joseph Olden  7 Aug 1867New Jersey, USA I697
9 Rickey, William  19 Apr 1897New Jersey, USA I8033


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Breese / Southard  Abt 1830New Jersey, USA F1463
2 Drake / Wooden  Abt 1790New Jersey, USA F5879
3 Hansen / Lane   F8011
4 Morris / Drake  Bef 1801New Jersey, USA F5880
5 Rickey / Margerum  28 Nov 1778New Jersey, USA F409
6 Rickey / Sharpenstein  17 Feb 1795New Jersey, USA F1132