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West Virginia, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 38.5976, Longitude: -80.45490


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lizzie  Abt 1835West Virginia, USA I8361
2 Lizzie  Abt 1856West Virginia, USA I8386
3 Mary  Abt 1859West Virginia, USA I8383
4 Ahell, Lyda / Lida Evelyn "Lydia"  Abt 1912West Virginia, USA I9794
5 Benwood, Virginia "Jennie"  Abt 1860West Virginia, USA I10336
6 Greathouse, Martha  West Virginia, USA I27837
7 Green, John Lewis  Apr 1859West Virginia, USA I2038
8 Lloyd, Sally  Abt 1920West Virginia, USA I27817
9 Martin, Alice Jane  15 Feb 1852West Virginia, USA I24471
10 Rickey, Alfred J.  13 Sep 1917West Virginia, USA I24201
11 Rickey, David Alan   I9636
12 Rickey, Dennis  Abt 1866West Virginia, USA I8365
13 Rickey, Florence V.  Abt 1879West Virginia, USA I8384
14 Rickey, Frank V.  Abt 1871West Virginia, USA I8367
15 Rickey, George  Abt 1868West Virginia, USA I8366
16 Rickey, Henry Bruce "Pete"  19 Jun 1919West Virginia, USA I8391
17 Rickey, Jacob  Abt 1821West Virginia, USA I8360
18 Rickey, Jacob (or Jack)  Abt 1862West Virginia, USA I8363
19 Rickey, James  Abt 1824West Virginia, USA I8376
20 Rickey, James Jr  Abt 1856West Virginia, USA I8378
21 Rickey, John  Abt 1853West Virginia, USA I8385
22 Rickey, John T.  Abt 1854West Virginia, USA I8382
23 Rickey, Joseph  Abt 1859West Virginia, USA I8362
24 Rickey, Joseph Lindsey "Joe"  Abt 1910West Virginia, USA I26696
25 Rickey, Lenord  Abt 1876West Virginia, USA I8387
26 Rickey, Lewis C.  Abt 1876West Virginia, USA I8370
27 Rickey, Lizzie J.  Abt 1863West Virginia, USA I8364
28 Rickey, Mabel  Mar 1855West Virginia, USA I14184
29 Rickey, Mary C.  Abt 1875West Virginia, USA I8369
30 Rickey, Matilda  Abt 1858West Virginia, USA I8379
31 Rickey, Mayes Bell Jr   I8389
32 Rickey, Memly M.  Abt 1878West Virginia, USA I8371
33 Rickey, Thoburn  Abt 1866West Virginia, USA I8381
34 Rickey, Viola  Abt 1873West Virginia, USA I8368
35 Rickey, Willard  Abt 1860West Virginia, USA I8380
36 Rickey, William Jacob  1775West Virginia, USA I3033
37 Rickey, Willis M. Sr  Oct 1869West Virginia, USA I1194
38 Rodgers, Mary L.  19 Oct 1914West Virginia, USA I11832
39 Sullivan, Charles  West Virginia, USA I27836
40 unknown female, Elizabeth A.  Jul 1862West Virginia, USA I14183
41 unknown female, Hetty J.  22 Apr 1816West Virginia, USA I7150
42 Webb, Clarence D.  West Virginia, USA I19991
43 Wheeler, Georgia Laird  Apr 1870West Virginia, USA I18761
44 Whittingham, Jeanna  Abt 1831West Virginia, USA I8377
45 Wright, Anna Lee   I8908


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Alice Belle  8 Aug 1949West Virginia, USA I13540


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andrews / Baumgarner  West Virginia, USA F3237
2 Rickey / Anderson   F4030