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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mariah 2d WIFE  Feb 1829Pennsylvania, USA I12301
2 Marie E.  Jan 1876Pennsylvania, USA I14350
3 Mary  Abt 1817Pennsylvania, USA I12356
4 Mary  Abt 1822Pennsylvania, USA I14114
5 Mary  Abt 1823Pennsylvania, USA I14126
6 Mary  Abt 1861Pennsylvania, USA I9837
7 Mary W.  Abt 1804Pennsylvania, USA I14119
8 Phebe Ann  Abt 1820Pennsylvania, USA I14101
9 Rachel A.  Abt 1832Pennsylvania, USA I7374
10 Rebecca  Abt 1778Pennsylvania, USA I14102
11 Anderson, Jane  10 Feb 1821Pennsylvania, USA I9772
12 Armstrong, Elsie Anna 1st WIFE  1841Pennsylvania, USA I7382
13 Baker, Catharine  1803Pennsylvania, USA I10220
14 Bane, Elizabeth  Abt 1832Pennsylvania, USA I159
15 Barnhart, Lucinda  Abt 1846Pennsylvania, USA I7313
16 Barnhart, Mary  Abt 1844Pennsylvania, USA I7312
17 Barnhart, William J.  Abt 1848Pennsylvania, USA I7314
18 Barns, Martha Ellen  Abt 1823Pennsylvania, USA I4806
19 Bayman, Henry  Dec 1839Pennsylvania, USA I316
20 Betts, Charles  28 May 1798Pennsylvania, USA I19199
21 Bird, Victor Reynolds   I13945
22 Booth, Sarah  Mar 1847Pennsylvania, USA I14149
23 Bullard, Todd Dr  Pennsylvania, USA I8318
24 Burt, Ambrose O.  Abt 1845Pennsylvania, USA I8612
25 Burt, Benjamin Clinton  7 May 1873Pennsylvania, USA I10016
26 Burt, Charlotte  Abt 1847Pennsylvania, USA I8613
27 Burt, David L.  Abt 1842Pennsylvania, USA I8608
28 Burt, George R.  Abt 1869Pennsylvania, USA I10015
29 Burt, Ida Jane  Abt 1849Pennsylvania, USA I8614
30 Burt, Sally H.  Abt 1836Pennsylvania, USA I8606
31 Burt, Stephen R.  Abt 1838Pennsylvania, USA I8607
32 Campbell, Calvin A. 2d HUSBAND  Abt 1830Pennsylvania, USA I2130
33 Carver, Ella   I14180
34 Carver, John H.  Abt 1879Pennsylvania, USA I14178
35 Carver, Nelly   I14179
36 De Normandie / Denormandy, Mary Margaret  Abt 1820Pennsylvania, USA I7392
37 Dick, Peter Jr  1748Pennsylvania, USA I11838
38 Dille, James  1838Pennsylvania, USA I7381
39 Fallia, Carrie   I19132
40 Fisk, Nancy  6 Oct 1838Pennsylvania, USA I909
41 Foos, Chelsea Anne   I15641
42 Foos, Nicole Anne   I15642
43 Galloway, Nancy  Abt 1818Pennsylvania, USA I5891
44 Gorman / Garman, Jacob E.  Abt 1880Pennsylvania, USA I14175
45 Hampsher, Samuel  20 Apr 1844Pennsylvania, USA I996
46 Hart, William David II   I16576
47 Harvey, Sarah  Abt 1814Pennsylvania, USA I7877
48 Heinberger, Mary  Abt 1858Pennsylvania, USA I14200
49 Henson, Lydia Ann  Jan 1846Pennsylvania, USA I1070
50 Hey, Michelle   I17993

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 De Coster, Atwood Goodridge Jr  20 Aug 2005Pennsylvania, USA I14081
2 Dille, James  1916Pennsylvania, USA I7381
3 Rickey, Thomas M.  31 Dec 1975Pennsylvania, USA I18184
4 Thorne, Robert David  26 Jul 1971Pennsylvania, USA I12600
5 Vastine, Mary  13 Jun 1797Pennsylvania, USA I10791

Passport Application

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Passport Application    Person ID 
1 Mitchell, Lucy Amelia  1925Pennsylvania, USA I1587


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barnhart / Rickey  Abt 1843Pennsylvania, USA F3257
2 French / Ewing  6 May 1812Pennsylvania, USA F3809
3 Hutchinson / Rickey  Abt 1748Pennsylvania, USA F399
4 Jamison / Rickey  30 Nov 1727Pennsylvania, USA F4432
5 Rickey / Coates  8 Sep 1770Pennsylvania, USA F408
6 Rickey / Squires  Abt 1845Pennsylvania, USA F3258